Easy Dinner Recipes: Dinner Doctor Review

When I am looking for easy dinner recipes, I have two choices: make what I always do or flip through "The Dinner Doctor". I am a long time fan of Anne Byrne's "The Cake Mix Doctor" books, turning cake mixes into one of a kind creations. I love to make cakes from scratch but, well you already know how busy I am. Her baking recipes help me merge my need to bake with my lack of time.

So when I first saw "The Dinner Doctor" I was excited. Anne's recipes are simple, quick and the ingredients are not complicated. Many of the ingredients are found in our pantry already or are easily attainable at the grocery store and involve very little prep time. We buy the rotisserie chickens all the time but this book gave us so many great ideas to make countless numbers of delicious meals that we've already gotten our money's worth.

This is not gourmet cooking. This is real food for real families that thinks outside of the usual dinners we give our kids. It is worth checking out.

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Anonymous said...

My sister gave us this book for Christmas. My husband, not a cook, has really enjoyed making these easy recipes. We have much more interesting and tasty dinners now. I work longer hours than he does so it has been a lifesaver for us. We were so tired or spaghetti and tacos and boxed mixes. Positively a great book!

Sherri and Mike Schaefer